SRR Summer 2016 Meeting 5.7.16 Coventry University

05 Jul 2016

The Society for Research in Rehabilitation Summer 2016 Meeting: Highlights

The SRR Summer Meeting 2016 was hosted by Dr. Rosie Kneafsey at Coventry University on 5 July.  The theme of the meeting was “Care and Compassion in Rehabilitation Research”. 

Highlights of the meeting included the morning symposium, where Prof. Belinda Dewar (University of the West of Scotland) discussed a framework for compassionate caring, where appreciative caring conversations play a central role.  In the same symposium, Prof. Karina Lovell (University of Manchester) highlighted the increasing need for mental health interventions that are accessible, and discussed the role of novel technology in delivering brief mental health interventions. The afternoon symposium was delivered by Dr. David Clarke (University of Leeds) who unpacked the box of Process Evaluation, highlighting its importance in evaluating complex interventions. 

Another important highlight was the inaugural Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture, in honour of the late Prof. Bipin Bhakta, a much loved and respected SRR member who tirelessly served on Council for many years.  This lecture was previously known as the Distinguished Scholar Lecture.  The SRR feels honoured and privileged to have been given permission from Prof. Bhakta’s family to dedicate this lecture to his memory.  Mrs. Bhakta attended the inaugural lecture, which had been awarded to Emeritus Prof. Pamela Enderby (University of Sheffield) (see photo).  In her lecture, entitled ‘Strictly Come Dancing – the Tango of Rehabilitation Research’, Pamela deftly drew parallels between skills required for delivering rehabilitation, and those for competing in Strictly, making an eloquent case for the judicious blending of science and art into an ‘impressive Tango’.

In addition to these highlights, there were 8 high quality oral presentations, 7 posters and 16 Work-in-Progress posters, covering a diverse range of topics in rehabilitation research.  The SRR wishes to express its gratitude to Dr. Rosie Kneafsey and her team for organising an excellent meeting. 

FULL PROGRAMME CPD Event Approved  5 Credits  Event Code:103652

Symposium: Care & Compassion

Compassion in Practice: it's all about the way we relate to one another

Professor Belinda Dewar—Professor of Practise Improvement, University of the West of Scotland

Using remote technology to deliver brief psychological interventions in mental health

Professor Karina Lovell—Director of Research & Professor of Mental Health, University of Manchester

Symposium: Process evaluations of complex interventions

Dr David J Clarke—Lecturer in Stroke Care, University of Leeds

The Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture

Strictly Come Dancing-- the Tango of Rehabilitation Research


Professor Pamela M. Enderby —Professor of Community Rehabilitation, University of Sheffield

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