The Society for Research in Rehabilitation Winter 2018 Meeting in Bristol - 40th Anniversary

06 Feb 2018

The meeting consisted of 2 symposiums (Musculoskeletal Strand; Neurological Rehabilitation Strand); the Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture and 8 oral presentations and a wide range of rehabilitation research posters.

The first symposium was opened by Professor Nicola Walsh, based at the University of West of England, Bristol. She gave a thought provoking presentation perspective on self-management strategies for osteoarthritis and the use of resources to effectively manage physical and psychological problems associated with this condition. She shared ideas on how our emerging understanding of knowledge mobilisation strategies may facilitate and expedite the process of integrating research evidence into practice to improve patient care.  This was followed by Professor Candy McCabe’s (from UWE and Royal United Hospital, Bath) lecture on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which highlighted the novel assessment and treatment approaches for people living with this complex condition. Candy highlighted the altered body and sensory perceptions and hyper-adaptations associated with this condition, and shared few therapeutic options including the use of virtual reality to improve function. 

The Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture was delivered by Emeritus Professor Garth Johnson, Newcastle University.  The focus of his presentation was on the application of biomechanical modelling and measurement to the understanding of upper limb function and the development of clinical measurement techniques. He highlighted the development of new technologies such as wearable devices that might allow real time measurements of clinically relevant variables such as spasticity.

The second symposium (Neurological Strand) was opened by Professor Roshan dasNair, University of Nottingham. His presentation provided discussion on the evidence for memory rehabilitation based on systematic reviews and clinical trials on people with traumatic brain injury. This was followed by a presentation by Professor Carolyn Young, Consultant at the Walton Centre NHS trust. She shared findings from her multi-centered study on the Trajectories of Outcomes in Neurological Conditions (TONIC) looking at factors influencing global quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

In addition to these keynote speakers, there were 8 high quality oral presentations, 14 posters and 15 Work-in-Progress posters, covering a diverse range of topics in rehabilitation research.

Symposium: Musculoskeletal Strand

‘Developing effective, deliverable and affordable self-management strategies for osteoarthritis in primary care’ - Prof Nicola Walsh, Professor of Knowledge Mobilisation & Musculoskeletal Health, University of the West of England

‘Understanding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to help inform chronic pain rehabilitation’

-Prof Candy McCabe, Florence Nightingale Foundation Chair in Clinical Nursing Practice Research & Royal United Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Bath, University of the West of England

Bipin Bhakta Memorial Lecture:

‘Upper Limbs Matter - Biomechanics for Rehabilitation’- Emeritus Professor Garth Johnson, Biomedical Engineer, founder member of the SRR, Newcastle University

Symposium: Neurological Rehabilitation Strand

‘Memory Rehabilitation: Establishing an evidence base’ - Prof Roshan das Nair, Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuro- psychology, University of Nottingham

‘What factors affect the quality of life of people with MS?’ - Prof Carolyn Young, Consultant Neurologist, The Walton Ct, Liverpool

We would like to thank all the presenters, delegates and exhibitors for making this event a success.

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