‘Community Rehab Alliance’ partnership with SRR

02 Jun 2020

Community Rehabilitation Alliance: proposed basic operating principles

May 2020


The community rehabilitation alliance came together as a loose alliance, a ‘coalition of the willing’, following the community rehabilitation summit co-hosted by CSP and RCOT in March 2019.

Since then we (initially the CSP but increasingly other members of the alliance – most recently RCOT and UKABIF), have been inviting other interested parties to join the alliance.

This has included asking organisations to lend their names and/or logos to joint initiatives such as the parliamentary report ‘Community Rehabilitation: Live Well for Longer’ and the letter to NHSE regarding the ICS long-term plans, and to participate in joint activities.

Discussions between the CSP, RCOT and Sue Ryder as follow up to the parliamentary launch of the report and the day of action resulted in an agreement to circulate a proposed consensus agreement on basic operating principles to the alliance.

Do read the main the operating principles being proposed, while maintaining an informal structure, click here

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