The Society for Research in Rehabilitation

The Society of Research in Rehabilitation (SRR) is the major multidisciplinary rehabilitation research society in the UK. Its aim is to advance education and research into all aspects of the rehabilitation of people with disability and to disseminate the useful results of such research for the public benefit.

The Society aims to be inspiring and educational, whilst providing excellent opportunities for networking, for junior and established researchers.

The SRR runs two conferences a year, with topic specific research symposia, free scientific presentations and 'research in progress' posters.

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Your application will be considered by the Council and members of the society at the first meeting after it has been received by the secretary. Consequently there may be a delay of up to six months before formal notification of acceptance. You will, however, be on the mailing list from the time your application is received and are welcome to attend all SRR meetings. Full membership is automatically provided to associate members following their presentation of a paper at an SRR meeting, as long as that presentation was deemed to be of an acceptable standard (see abstracts page).

*If paying by cheque you should complete the online application form above and send a cheque for £25.00 payable to the Society for Research in Rehabilitation (for the current year subscription fee). Please also complete this standing order form for subsequent years subscriptions and return to SRR Central Secretariat, Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing, B Floor, Medical School, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham NG7 2UH.